Hello and welcome! My name is Briana Baci Libio. Welcome to my life and my journey throughout the world.

I find comfort in the light of constant change in scenery. Part of what I choose to discover within my travel adventures is more than beautiful, wild, and untamed.

I graduated from an accredited university, had a stable job in media production, and was living in Los Angeles attempting to find a home. I took time off of work regularly to travel and realized that my happiness came from immersion in other cultures.

Making a difficult decision to quit my job and travel the world has been the ultimate test to truly be a self-proclaimed passport stamp collector.

My travel journal continues to grow and my love and admiration for culture follows.

Embracing the passion behind the unique cultures in this life is something I cherish.

This is the life of Bri.

Cheers to a life full of exploration.