We All Scream For The Museum of Ice Cream!

A museum filled with ice cream art? Sign me up!

Bought these tickets months ago for a fun date night. It was exactly that.

First room was inspired by LA/Hollywood. They had an “ICE CREAM” Hollywood sign and walk of fame with celebrities who inspired these ice cream names!


The very first hall way led us to the swings surrounded by bananas. It was bananas. 😉

It pushed us right into a room with countless hanging pink and yellow bananas!

Every room had its own personality. Mint mochi icream, with mint growing in small boxes in the center of the room, and mint colored walls!

I had so much fun dancing around in these colorful bananas, mints, and chocolate covered cones.

Each hallway had its own flare or decoration. Here is one of my favorite fashions statements

We followed the art and took us to one of the greatest rooms (in my opinion)…GUMMY BEARS!

You couldn’t finish off the ice cream museum without seeing the BIGGEST popsicle sticks in the world

Finally, the moment we had been waiting for….SPRINKLE POOOOOOOL!

We ended the night with an ice cream cone, and a swing on an ice cream sandwich

If you have the opportunity to visit, I would take advantage. The tickets sell out extremely fast!

Below is the link, if you want to try and sign up for their newsletter to get the first information about the newest locations:





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