Bread > Your Head

Day two. We had a few places on our list today and many involved a decent amount of driving.

As per usual, we drank our cappuccino, had a cornetto, and set out on our way!

We drove up to a volcano. Solfatara di Pozzuli. Yep. As real as they come.

Solfatara di Pozzuli is shallow volcanic crater near Naples. It is about 40,000 years old and primarily known for the health benefits that comes with the sulphurous waters and steam.

I think that one of the most amazing aspects of this is that the rocks are beautiful shades of red, orange and red. You can see the steam and rocks below.

A gentleman working on the volcano let us keep these beautiful rocks.

We were here for a couple hours and worked up an appetite. As we made our way back into town, my cousins told me about this place that served GIANT toast sandwiches. I underestimated how big they actually were.

We walked through the city and I loved seeing all the unique streets that tied these centers together.

It is called CAPATOAST. It is a toastaria in Naples. There are many throughout Italy. It was by far one of the best sandwiches I have ever had.

They weren’t kidding. This was LITERALLY bigger than my head.

After filling up on more cheese and bread, we went to meet up with another one of my cousins to walk around the costal lines to see all the fishermen come in with their fresh caught food.

On our way down the coastline, we also had the chance to see some of the most beautiful views of naples, the oceans, and boats docked nearby.


We were walking by the N’albero Napoli. Just seeing this at night makes the walk completely worth it.

My cousins were really excited about taking me to Ciro.

Ciro is a little restaurants that serves everything from fried donuts, sfgliatella, cafe, and riccia & frolla.

All of these are type of desserts in Italy.

It was worth it. Something sweet before we headed home to make dinner. Yep. MORE FOOD.

Before we made our way back to our home, I stopped by my cousin’s hair salon to cut my hair.

IF you ever want to go to my family’s hair salon, they are just outside of Naples in Pomigliano d’arco. It is called Bernile’s Hair Studio: Address HERE.

My grandfather and great grandfather all cut hair. Their studio is very close to my heart with their certificates draped throughout the shop.

I decided to go with the hair cut all my cousins had…short. I figured, why not?!


We ended our night with pasta fagioli, chicken, and tomato salad.

Tomorrow, we head to Pompeii and I cannot wait to show you all the amazing footage.


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