When the Moon Hits Your Eye…

And we are off…

We pack up our things in Rome and take a bus to Roma Termini station.

Like flights, I like to arrive a little early before the train takes off. We were there about an hour early.

The station has plenty of small restaurants, shops, and cafes throughout the terminal. Also, there are multiple locations to exchange money in case you need to do so.

Our ticket price to Naples was about €20. 

Once we boarded, we had about an hour and a half travel time before we pulled into the next station.

The moment I had been waiting for has finally arrived. I haven’t seen my cousins in 10 long, long years.

We walked off the train and before I could take a few steps, I heard, “BRIANA!”

There are truly no words I could say that would explain the amount of emotions that came over me that moment. Tears of happiness and pure love took over me, entirely.

I hugged and kissed my cousins, Biagio and Simona for at least 10 minutes before we gained the strength to walk to the car.

Without more than 30 minutes of arriving at their beautiful home in Pomigliano d’Arco, another one of my cousins arrives. With all the hugs and kisses for another 15 minutes, my heart was full.

We ate a homemade lunch with Pasta, meatballs, zucchini, pepperoni, bread, red wine, and paste di meliga (which are delicious cookies).

For the evening, we headed to Via San Gregorio Armeno in Naples.

This street in Naples is known for the nativity scene makers or presepe.

These pedestrian roads are filled with shops and creative figurines in all shapes and sizes.

We walked through the streets for hours looking at all of the amazing individual pieces.

Throughout the streets, we found a character that was constantly in every shop. When we asked my cousins about it, they explained to us, Pulcinella.

Pulcinella is a classic Italian character that is dated back to the 17th Century. He wears all white pants and blouse with a black mask that covers his face. In Italy, he represents good luck.

Although we were growing tired, our night was just beginning.

We walked through Spaccanapoli, which are small alley ways and streets full of food and runs to divide the historic portion of Naples.

My cousins showed us local churches nearby. We walked through

San Domenico Maggiore,

Santa Chiara,

& La Chiesa Del Gesù

All of these churches were beyond beautiful. With gold and marble draped throughout the building, and all of the statues strategically placed, I was in awe.

We continued throughout the city to Galley Umberto. Galley Umberto is a large public shopping center that is near the San Carlo Opera House in Naples.

We continued walking until we found Maschio Angionio, or Castel Nuovo.

Soon after, we made it to Piazza del Plebiscito. This large public square in the center of Naples was so beautiful, even at night. Not to mention, it was huge.

Once we walked through the square, we crossed the street to Caraccioli Street. This street gave the most beautiful view of the ocean and the city as we made our way to dinner.

**Sorry for the lack in photo clarity, its hard to capture this much beauty using an iPhone 😉

Once we began to approach the restaurant, we met with both of my cousin’s boyfriends.

They raved about how incredible this restaurant is. So, if the locals love it…you can only imagine the immaculate dishes that come out of this kitchen.

Antonio & Antonio

We had fried mozzarella, fried zucchini, fried pasta, and pizza. We were so full.

Happy, full, and couldn’t take another bite…until my cousins ordered Baba. This is a small cake pastry usually covered in syrup, rum, and topped with whipped cream..

Yep, heaven exists.

We ended our night with lemon cello, melon cello, and liquirizia cello.

Our first night in Naples was not only successful, but full of history and delicious food.

Cannot wait for the next few days to come!


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