Chiang Mai: Final Stop

Our final stop on our Thailand journey is Chiang Mai. This city is known for all of the beautiful temples and religious places that are located practically on every corner.

We land in Chiang Mai early in the day. First thing on our list is to reach all of the markets and temples we possibly can before our big day with elephants tomorrow.

Getting checked in, we set our stuff down and start walking. Not sure where we are going exactly, but we are starving. So, we pick a temple near by in hopes that we run into a restaurant along the way.

As we make our way down random alleyways, we find a small restaurant with only 2 tables. We stopped in and ordered some food before we continued our 20 minute walk.

I wish I took more pictures of this place, because the food was incredible. I was able to snap a cool photo from right outside of our restaurant with a little quote.


We find the first temple called Wat Chiang Mun. Surrounded my cement elephants and decorated in red and gold. These temples within the gates looks like a elementary school.


All four of us go in separate directions just to explore this encased group of temples.


On my way out of one of them…I heard snoring.

Behind the main entrance, there was a Monk kicked back, laid out, and snoring. Of course, I had to run and go tell the others. They put it on snapchat. Okay, Im a horrible person. HA.


We walk and wander through the streets to see what else we run into. We found the Yuparaj Wittayali School which looked like a run down temple. There were bricks missing, half finished construction, and most of the elephants that surrounded it were turning black.


It was magical. So much character within the walls of this quiet area. Once we left, we ran into the Si Phum. Another nearby temple decorated in gold.


A local man came up to us and asked us if we had been to any of the night Bazaars. He showed us a map of a night bazaar that is more local, as well as the “touristy” location. He helped us with a game plan of the appropriate times to attend each one and gave us plenty of advice on what to expect. People here are really that nice.

On our way back home, not only did I find the biggest leaf I have ever seen…we also¬†saw some of the most amazing wall art.


Night Bazaars are late night markets. They have food, vendors, crafts, and all sorts of souvenirs. Did I mention food? The absolute best part.



We walked through the streets of both night bazaars. The local bazaar was filled with clothes and jewelry. We didn’t find much and we were ready to buy things to remember the trip.

They had everything from paintings, to carved animals, jewelry, bookmarks, lights, magnets…anything you could possibly think of. All of which were hand made and one of a kind.



Ben and I even had the opportunity to try mini pancakes they were selling. They give them to you in a small bowl and you have to eat them with a toothpick. IHOP has nothing on these babies.


Finally coming to exhaustion…we went back to our hostel to get some sleep. After all, we needed to save our energy for the elephants tomorrow.

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