Welcome to Jurassic Park.

Today we are flying to Koh Samui. This is an island right of the southern coast of Thailand.

We walk out to the runway and board our flight.


Once we arrive on the island, all we can see is green for miles.

Hills and mountains of trees. Completely Surrounded. As we look around, it looks exactly like Jurassic park.



Naturally, we are constantly humming the theme song wherever we go.

We get in a small taxi that takes us to the villager condos that we are staying at. Fortunately, they double booked us in one of the rooms. So, we got to stay in the only condo with a beach front view. Hearing and seeing the ocean directly from our room was euphoric.


Since our day was half over, we all decided to walk down the street, grab some food, and relax for the rest of the day.

We went swimming right outside of our hotel and laid out to get some sun.


As the day went on, Rachael, Ben, and I decided to wander down the streets to see if we could find a local smoothie place.

We realized that most of the transportation on the island (and most of Thailand for that matter) was on a scooter. But, instead of normal gas stations….


We came across a fruit vendor who had a variety of fruits and allowed us to try some of the local ones.


Not only did she make incredible smoothies, but her produce was fresh and delicious.


Once we returned to our hotel, we packed for the next day. Our boat tour starts at 8:00 AM.

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