The Big Apple of Asia


Hoping that we are a little more prepared than yesterday, we set out for some breakfast.

One thing that we learned during our time in Thailand is that breakfast food comes few and far between.

Most days, we had to navigate to our local 7/11 to grab a small bag of oreos or pringles as our first meal of the day. Not ideal, but not much of a choice.

Restaurants didn’t open until about 11:00am, but we did find some luck with a could street vendors lined up across the train station where we would walk by into the city.

We found a family of three, cooking up some “omelets” in the street. It beats another bag of lays, that’s for sure.


We give it a try. One thing we find in Thailand is that everything is served with rice and cheese is not a common topping. 2 things that takes a lot of adjusting for Americans.

As always, our eggs are served on a bed of rice and no cheese. We grab our take-away meal and find a bench a couple blocks down near a mall to eat it and make a plan for the day.

Its New Year’s Eve, so we want to take it easy. We have a long night ahead.

We finish our breakfast and start walking down the main road, along the train. There are gates at the start of a road that were wide open. We venture inside to see what is behind them.

Just like new york, we find a beautiful green park. Like central park in the middle of the city, Benjensiri Park was Bangkok’s equivalent.


Walking through the trees and the small gravel roads, we find an out door gym, statues, bushes carved into elephants, and pieces of artwork.


It is amazing how something so beautiful can be right in the middle of a hectic city without most even noticing its there.

After having our time to explore the park and the day winding into the late afternoon, we decide to head back to our apartment to rest and get ready for our night.

Since we still had nothing specific planned for that night, I reached out to my friend Gina who also was in Bangkok for New Year’s. Her group had a plan to go to Central World in the heart of Bangkok to celebrate the new year.

I have read that this place is Bangkok’s “Time Square”. We all agreed on a time to meet at their hotel and walk over, since they were just a few streets from the main event.


We walk in around 8pm and the crowd of people is already beyond what we expected. We can only imagine how much this will increase as the countdown begins.


Theres live music, vendors lined up throughout the main city center, and lights…It was like Christmas threw up all over the place.



Since there is a group of 7 now, we want to make sure we hit every point of central world to make sure we aren’t missing anything before we decide to settle into our countdown spot.

We walk through the crowds of people, hoping that this is the thickest it will get.

Finally making it to watch the live boxing match in the center of the garden and pass part of the area with a live concert.


With the amount of people sitting there already and lined across the floor, we knew we had to make it out to the main area before we were trapped within the gates of this section of the street.

We hopped over gates and fences to finally end up back to the start. The best part is we ended in a Disney themed light section. It definitely wasn’t visable from where we were standing before.



Once we fight our way back to the center of the plaza to get a good view of the countdown clock, we decide to stay put until midnight.

Staying as close as we can to each other so we don’t lose sight was our only chance at survival for this thing.

Finally, we watch the clock strike 10 minutes…then 5….then 3….

FullSizeRender-9.jpgThe whole city counted down, and once it hit midnight, the crowd exploded.

Balloons, fireworks, drinks, were all being thrown in the air. Everyone was screaming, hugging, kissing, and celebrating. It was definitely just like new york.

FullSizeRender-10.jpgOnce the cheering ended, the crowd started moving towards the exit. Which is difficult to do with thousands all at the same time. Getting out of there was a nightmare, to say the least, and a shower never sounded so good.

We made it back to our apartment in one piece.

Our last night in Bangkok was one to remember. Tomorrow, we are off to Koh Samui. We could use some time on the beach to unwind.



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