Work Smarter, not Harder

We are well rested and ready to take on our second day in Bangkok.

Learning the rules of the city, we cant seem to find food anywhere early in the morning. We looked through local restaurants, vendors, small alley ways. Everything.

We stumble upon a small alley with what looks like a row of vendors. Using the process of elimination, find a small restaurant down the end of an alley and decide to just eat…until a roach runs across the entryway. Then we are back on the hunt. Finally found a near by restaurant. Small but exactly what we were looking for.


As we are reading the signs along the small alley, each door had different massages listed. We had no real plans today, so why not get a Thai massage. In US dollars, it comes out to a total of about $12. Cant beat that.


Once the shop we choose opens at 11:00am. We take our shoes off and enter into the dark lobby. Plants are everywhere, 4 small chairs in the waiting area, and we are greeting by 4 women.

They bring over warm water in a bucket, wash our feet, and lead us up the stairs into a dim lit room. There were 4 beds embedded in the floor, all in a row. They were divided by curtains, similar to how you would be in a hospital.

They left us with loose cloth shirts and pants. We all changed and laid down.

For those who have experienced a Thai massage, it isn’t like anything you get at Burke Williams. The best way to describe is like physical therapy.

They massage all the knots out of your body. It feels good, but it is so painful. I almost cannot handle her elbow in my shoulder anymore. It was rough. (I cant read that without laughing).

You also learn that your body bends in all sorts of ways that you didn’t know you could. Lets just say, good luck if you plan on getting one.

By the end of it, you feel better but are almost exhausted from the abuse your body just experienced. I could have sworn I had a bruises.

Hopefully this is really how Thai massages are supposed to be….

Once we get out, we decide to go back to the Grand Palace. We grab the first TukTuk we find and head over there.


It was hot, humid, crowded with people, and expensive to get into the center of the palace. We stayed within the walls, but never went in. In addition to the fact that the temples don’t allow you to wear leggings, even if they cover your knees.


We decided it would be best to go to China town just a few miles down the road and experience a little big of a different vibe.

We are dropped of at the center of the chaos. It was like China and Vegas combined. People were flooding into the streets, barely on the side walk. Vendors stood on every avenue, and tons of gold shops were on every corner. It was a madhouse.


Once we navigate down the road a few blocks, we find ourselves back in a more traditional Thai alley. More vendors and cooking were squeezed into one street.


We walked up to a woman who had been cooking up Pad Thai repeatedly. One after another. It was something she had clearly been doing every day for years. This is where I really felt the culture click.


This was by FAR the best Pad Thai I had in Thailand. We sat at the table next to her cart, ate, and people watched.

As we continued down the alley, my friend Ben pointed out a smoothie place. He loves those damn things.

We get in line and I order a mango smoothie (obviously)…

That was it. Mango smoothies were ruined for me the second I took a sip. I almost got another one. Worth every baht.

We were so excited to explore a night market, and our tuktuk driver told us about the night flower market that runs really close to China town. As soon as the night started to fall, we headed straight there.


They weren’t kidding…millions of flowers. Everywhere. Bags of them were sitting there, piled, and tossed all over the streets. There were bouquets, crowns, decoration, necklaces, praying flowers, etc. Literally every ounce of this part of town was covered in flowers.


Such a beautiful sight. Growing up in the desert, I have never seen so many flowers in my entire life. We were overwhelmed, completely.


Day 2 was most definitely exhausting. There is so much of this city, and we haven’t even scratched the surface yet.


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