Thai Travels: Part I

For those who plan on traveling to Thailand, there are a few things you should take into consideration.

  1. Yes, it is cheaper for food, hotel, etc… BUT, keep in mind that all other excursions are just as expensive. They know what to charge for a day trip with elephants or a snorkeling trip. Trust me, it adds up quick!
  2. VACCINATIONS. I have a few friends going who decided against vaccinations. Look, all I am saying is – I would rather be safe than sorry. For those of you who have no idea what you need, let me help. No one would really give me a direct answer. I went site to site and did all my research until finally I decided to do the simplest thing possible: I went to a doctor who specializes in travel. She told me to get the following:
    • Typhoid (prescription)- A bacterial disease that is spread through contaminated food. I didn’t take any risks and we have to keep in mind that they may treat their food differently than we do during the prepping process. I also brought tums and tummy medicine just in case!
    • Tetanus – Usually get this as a child, and don’t need it for a very very long time again. Just make sure that you actually had it.
    • Malaria (prescription) – A disease caused by a bite of a mosquito. Most only recommend this if you’re going to “jungle-like” regions. Which we will be (elephants!).
    • Hep A – Another “just in case”
  3. Plan. Plan. Plan. Plan. I might be a liiiiiiittle over the top. I made an excel spreadsheet with tabs labeled: Calendar, Flights, Hospitals, Excursions, Hotels, and Itinerary. Again, I might be a little on the crazy side. But, my travel mates and parents will be thanking me.

Wanted to throw out a few helpful hits and tips for the whole planning thing. You know, not all people can coordinate a trip like this.

We are looking at a total of 12 days. Less than 2 weeks and we will be on our way.

Stay tuned.

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