COACHELLA. 3 days of music, food, and heat. Every year thousands of people wait a full 365 days for this day to come. Fortunately for me, this was my second experience with Coachella and it was much much better when you aren’t a “newbie” anymore. My sister and I met up at a motel in Indio, Ca.

**Do keep in mind that I had been planning my wardrobe for probably a few months…I shouldn’t admit this – but, I have had my bags packed for the whole week.

After camping last year, we have realized that the only way to properly attack Coachella is with a hotel room – or at least somewhere with a bed and a shower.

There is so much energy and excitement that comes along with going to Coachella. You have an overwhelming desire to dance, sing, eat, laugh, and forget about the life you are leaving behind. That is the best way to describe it, you are going to a new world for a short 3 days.

Day 1

We are AMPED. Ready to take on day one. We have our boots on, sunglasses ready, and outfits layed out anxiously waiting to head to the festival. Day one is always the most exciting because we have literally been waiting a whole year for this very moment. My sister and I like to compare sets and make a plan as to which tents or stages we will hit throughout the day. That way, once we arrive we can see our favorites (even if it is for only a short amount of time). Here we go:



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Of course, one of the most anticipated parts of Coachella is the unlimited food trucks we have access to. Not exactly the healthiest, but so so delicious. The number one place we visit first is the Grilled Cheese Truck. My sister and I always satisfy our guilty pleasure with a Mac n’ Cheese Grilled Cheese…….yep. It exists, and it’s awesome. We also love our $5 slice of watermelon. *See Below*


Day one was successful. We always forget how exhausting it is being at Coachella all day long. As pathetic as that sounds. We had blisters on our feet, dirt in our hair, and our body ached. Worth it? Most definitely.


  • Head chain: Amazon – yes, I know. Surprising. It was around $7.00, and I got so many compliments! Good find.
  • One Piece: It is actually a bathing suit. I found it online at Forever 21. Roughly about $20. My sister loved it so much, she even wore it on our third day.
  • Kimono: Forever 21! I saw it and instantly fell in love. It is black sheer and has tan embroidery. $38 (give or take) – online exclusive!
  • Rhine Stone Black wash high waisted shorts: That was mouth full. I found these beauties at a small boutique in San Diego. Basic, no-name place. You can find the best gems in small stores like this.
  • Shoes: These little brown booties were a steal at Marshall’s a few years ago. I love love love that store. If you have the time to look, there are lots of great things to find.
  • Sunglasses: I actually got them in London on one of their street markets; However, I have found many look-a-likes at Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, or even Love Culture. Even Venice Beach has plenty of sunglass huts that have very similar designs.
  • Septum Piercing: GoldSoul. It is an online boutique. Yes, it looks awesome on, but this was made cheap. I spent $30 for a flimsy piece of jewelry. I will spend my money at a legitimate shop or piercing place before I ever do that again.

Day 2

A little sore from the previous day, but we are ready to take on another day. Once again, we planned out all of the sets we will hit before the end of the night. We were starving since you really don’t eat a lot while you are at the festival. Marina and I yelped this little bakery about 10 min from our hotel which had THE BEST almond croissant I have ever had. ever. I already knew it was going to be a good day. Carbs, that’s why.

Pictures round 2:

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Outfit: Okay – day 2 outfit is a little harder to match. I will give you details, anyways.

  • Hat: Marron with a black strap. I found this at a small boutique in Long Beach, CA. I did see many people at Coachella with a hat that was almost identical. So, it has to be at many other stores. I paid about $32.
  • Arm Chain: Another Amazon find. Very very inexpensive. There are so many different designs.
  • Earrings: I have had these for years and years. On the bright side, you can probably find ones that are exactly the same at Forever. They are light so they aren’t pulling down your earlobe. Fun and simple.
  • Lace Crop: Same boutique I found my hat at. $22. It is off of Long Beach Blvd and 6th street.
  • Pants: I got these pants in Amsterdam last summer. They are soft, light, and adorable. I have seen multiple stores carry ones that have that same tribal design and even color pallet.
  • Shoes: I wore just basic black ballet flats. Mine were from Target. $16 on sale!
  • Jewelry: All of my bracelets were just a combination of jewelry I have collected throughout my travels. My biggest recommendation for this is to go to thrift shops. I always find the coolest pieces.
  • Sunglasses: Forever 21

Day 3

This was the day I had been waiting for. For those who know me, my love for Drake is unhealthy. At least I know that I am one of millions who feel the same. So, I guess I can say it is a normal problem.

My outfit was very very very important. Just in case of the very unlikely chance I cross paths with him. The very very unlikely chance.

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Let me start by telling you the experience I had day 3. I had all the dedication in the world to wait all. day. long. for Mr. Champagne himself. Last minute, a friend of mine said, “Bri! You can take my VIP pass so you can see his performance if you can get your GA pass off your wrist”.

The next 45minutes I was determined to get this band off. After losing feeling in two of my fingers, I managed to slip it off. We switched bands and I cannot express how excited I was. With this upgrade, I wouldn’t have to wait as long to see him.

I made my way to VIP where I found out that, I wasn’t close to the stage….at all. I was much much farther. A little disappointed, I made the executive decision to wait with the crowd. Keep in mind – it is 4:00pm. He isn’t scheduled until 10:15 pm. 6 hours?! I must be insane. Well, I knew I would make it to the front.

I finally make it almost to the gates in the front of main stage and there are 2 rows of people who have been waiting since 10:00am! Maybe my obsession isn’t as bad as I thought?

As the night went on, the crowd got thicker and heavier. More people began fighting, pushing, and shoving their way to the front. It got so bad that people were having panic attacks. What’s worse? Not a single person would let them out. I was off of my feet completely at one point. People were literally being carried over the top of the crowd just to get out of this mess of people.

I made a decision. Stay in the crowd since I only have on more set until he performs, or enjoy and dance to the music I love? I used the guy in front of me as leverage and walked right over everyone. I went to VIP, found a comfortable spot against the gates with a good view and waited.

Although I wasn’t unclose and personal, I got to dance to my heart’s content. I rapped every line, sang every hook, and loved every second of it. That is all that matters. I learned a lesson, that is for sure.

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By day 3 , the caterpillar (in background of some previous photos from day 1&2) turned into a butterfly! It was beautiful.


I also had a photographer ask to take a picture of my outfit for the Coachella website. I was pretty excited about that! Still not sure if it was the “best” or “worst” but hey, any publicity is good publicity, right?



  • Hat: This snapback is one I actually got from the Drake vs. Lil Wayne concert. Obviously, any black snapback will suffice.
  • Crop: Brandy Melville. I believe I paid around $28.
  • High-waisted Shorts: These specific ones were found at the previously mentioned boutique in San Diego. Again, any high-waisted dark wash short will do!
  • Plaid Shirt: The one wrapped around my waist I found at Macy’s, actually. Men’s section.
  • Fanny pack: C Wonder. I believe they closed down 🙁
  • Shoes: Timberlands. These can get pretty expensive. My recommendation if you don’t have an extra $200 to spend is to google “fake Timberlands”. You can find one that are exactly the same, and they won’t break the bank.

Overall, Coachella was a huge success this year. I am already counting down the days until 2016. Until then.


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