Changing of the Plans.

One of the first things most tourists do when they arrive in London is to watch the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. This tradition of guard exchange in front of the Queen’s castle is always a great way to experience a little history. It has become such a huge place of interest that people line up and gather around Buckingham a couple hours before the ceremony begins at 11:30 am every morning.


As you can imagine, it was pretty packed. There were people smashed against the front gates of the palace to the point that their umbrellas could hold up my umbrella without me having to lift a finger.


I wasn’t kidding….On the plus side, I managed to stay dry regardless of what view I had of Buckingham. We waited…in the rain…for about an hour…until, they announced the ceremony would not continue due to the fact that the rain was just too heavy. A little disappointing, but we plan on rescheduling for another day. I was able to grab a picture of the guard, though!


Since our hopes were crushed by the weather, we all agreed that food would help with our mild depression. We went back to the tube to look up a nice place for brunch, and found a restaurant called The Breakfast Club just a stop away on the line.

We navigated our way through the streets of SoHo, London and finally found it.  The line was all the way down the street for this place! Our first assumption: This place must be worth the wait. Image

This place was tiny and jam-packed. But, we waited….for an hour and a half. Finally, we were seated in a small table near the back of the restaurant. All the tables and chairs were so close together to fit as many people in this place as humanly possible. The vibe of the place was unique, trendy, and a little random.


They had shakes, juices, coffees, and a variety of different breakfast dishes that made us want to order the entire menu. Our food took up the entire table.


I cannot truly express how delicious this place was! Everything was incredible. We were definitely thankful we made the decision to wait in line. I would go back and wait another hour an a half if I could eat this meal again. On the bright side, although we did not get the opportunity to see the changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace, we were able to experience one of the best breakfasts we have ever had. More than worth it. I would have to agree with my coffee, and admit that I LOVE THE BREAKFAST CLUB.



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  1. Hi Brianna – I’m enjoying your blog very much, especially the food articles which make me both hungry and homesick! I’m delighted to see you are having a good time in my town. Keep up the great work on the blog. Best wishes, Tony (FOD – friend of Dean/Dad).

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