Natural History Museum – London Edition


My classmates and I decided to take advantage of the Natural History Museum in central London for a couple reasons.

1. It was recommended by staff, peers, locals, and even past students.

2. It was free.

That was really all the reason we needed. The museum’s enormous collection of artifacts and specimen (70 million+) covering life on earth can be overwhelming. The museum is divided into different color-coded zones, each focusing on a specific aspect of life on earth. This place was so interesting. All the different sections divided from the human body, mammals, dinosaurs, mammoths, bugs, sea life, etc. 




They had every type of species of animals for display. It was incredible. Especially standing so close to all these animals at a short distance. They had wildlife, different birds, rodents, mammals, everything! Then, we reached my favorite part of the exhibits… The Dinosaurs.




This day was definitely one for the books. I am so grateful I was given the chance to visit such an incredible and unique museum.

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