“You sound like you’re from London”


I made it! I arrived in London late afternoon yesterday and have been anxious to see what this beautiful city has in store for me. Saying goodbye to my family was beyond difficult, but being able to Skype will make my adventure that much more appealing. As you can imagine, the 9.5 hour flight was brutal. In addition to the fact that the Air condition didn’t quite kick on until 8 hours in… Unless you enjoy being crammed in a seat for long periods of time and are very limited to how many times you can get up, walk around, and stretch your legs. If you do, I will refrain from making any judgements.

Other than the miserable plane ride, everything else has been going very smoothly. All of the students on this trip are lively and ready to explore the world. It’s so exciting! Our flat is in Kensington, which is absolutely beautiful. I might never come back. My roommate’s name is Ali, and she is awesome. Our personalities are identical – and we all know the world isn’t ready for two Bri’s. Our flat is two stories, and includes a bathroom and mini kitchen. It is adorable, and like I said…I could definitely live here. After we all got organized, we went to a near by grocery market, got some food and snacks for a few days and headed back to our flat. Even the markets are so much different than a Fry’s or Sprouts. Needless to say, it took us roughly 30 minutes to find the cereal section.

Ali and I decided that the best way to become adjusted to the British life and culture was to get some authentic Fish n’ Chips. We did some research and finally found this little hole in the wall known as Bailey’s Fish n’ Chips. Apparently, it was the best in the city. About 10 of us hopped on the tube and navigated our way through another section of Kensington and arrived at Bailey’s. This place couldn’t have had more than 11 seats, and was a little smaller than a 2 car garage. So, we all ordered their famous Cod and chips.


Believe it. After having airplane food for dinner and breakfast, traveling, and walking…I can say I almost ate it all. I don’t regret it, either. It was delicious and hands down the BEST fish n’ chips I have ever had. It was well worth taking the tube the wrong way a couple times. All part of the experience. There are plenty of other places I will be getting to later today.


Thank you for checking in, and I will keep you posted.


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  1. Hi! I love fish and chips. I’m soooo jelly. If eating pictures through iPhones was possible, I’d eat that picture 10 times now. I’m so happy you’re having a great time! Us Americans miss our Bri!
    Love you,
    Ps: I wish I had a house to call a flat. Sounds super fancy. Like when you drink tea with your pinky up.
    Pps: Do people from London have bad teeth?
    Ppps: Is that racist?

    1. Stevie! I wish I could bring you home some fish and chips. I totally would. Maybe I will just kidnap the guy who made them for us, so he can make you some! Thank you, I miss you and love you tons. You could just call your house a flat anyways. That would make you sound super fancy. I am actually about to go have some tea here shortly. I will drink it with my pinky up just for you. Ah, that is very stereotypical………..so I will not answer. But, I am not saying no. 🙂

      1. You’re stereotypical… Omg. Get a picture with you drinking tea with with your pinky up and then put it on a tshirt. I’d wear it always.
        Ps: do they have a specific food to their name? Y’know, like Italy has pasta; Mexico has taco’s etc. Catch my drift?

  2. Bri! I miss you! There have been times that I wanted to text you about something and realized that I can’t, haha. This post is inspiring me to travel abroad! I’m so stinkin excited for you and am stoked to live vicariously through you over the next 6 weeks. Love you lots!

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